Jack Thriller’s #16orBetter Series. Starring @DenzilPorter @Justinamusic @MrAaronSCohen & more. Hosted By Lil Cease & Myson

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Jack Thriller’s new Series 16orBetter airing on Jackthriller.com. Catch Denzil porter in the first series starring @Justinamusic, @mrAaronScohen & more. Hosted By Lil Cease & Myson.

#BrandNewVid @iAmDemrick- “We Goin Up” Shot by @BENlightened1 Catch @Denzilporter in there. #NoTimeForBullShit

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Demrick- “We Goin up” #NoTimeForBullshit Tour Footage

Alot of footage from the No time For Bullshit Tour!

WAKE UP TO THIS!!! Good Morning Good Afternoon By Denzil Porter

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Wake Up!  Good Morning Good Afternoon


Good Morning Good Afternoon
By Denzil Porter
Produced by Jeffery Barnett
Artwork By Chris Reg

NEW YORK, NEW YORK APRIL 1, 2014 – “Good Morning, Good Afternoon” is Denzil Porter’s first release from his forthcoming project Redwood Road (release date not yet announced). Jeffery Barnett produced “Good Morning, Good Afternoon” with accents of classic drums, cinematic synths and the sounds of morning birds, making this a mellow, stadium qualified, Golden Era timestamp record. Inspiration was borrowed from Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds”, which sets the stage for a wake up call where mornings blend into nights and nights blend into mornings.

“Good Morning, Good Afternoon” is a song for the late birds: those who say good morning in the afternoon. Excelling at his knack for storytelling, Denzil Porter gives us a window to watch a day in the life of a young man from New York City. “Today I’ll do some tricks to turn this weight into food,” Denzil raps. Despite the grind and hustle, we hear a story of trials, triumphs, and determination as he attempts to make the most of his moments, at any time of the day.

“Good Morning, Good Afternoon” is the type of record you set as your alarm clock. The concept, with a slight twist to it, sets the first verse in the afternoon, which is considered morning to late risers. The second verse is the evening, where we say, “Good Evening, Good Afternoon”. The last verse is at night, where we stay up all night chasing our dreams, saying “Good Night, to Good Evening” from offices to studios. This track explains how Denzil Porter’s grind makes him sleep through the morning. With no actual “morning” verse, “Good Morning, Good Afternoon” still fills its listener with that feel good, morning vibe.

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Denzil Porter- Haymaker (Feat: Connie Diamond)

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“Haymaker”, literally meaning a powerful punch thrown to knock out an opponent, is a song Denzil and Connie used to show off their metaphorical skills when making punch line records. By throwing punch lines back to back while creating an undeniable flow of word play at the same time, “Haymaker” shows off the lyrical side of both artists.

Directed By Denzil Porter & Jaison Williams

*BRANDNEW* Denzil Porter – Jonas Bronck Feat Nu Era, Fresh Doe, Swerve Mitch, Mike Flow, Doley Bernays & Euroleague

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From the Broncks to the Bronx. Jonas Bronck exhibits seven Bronx artists who bring the heat to this bass-bumping and wreckless cypher. Denzil Porter, NuEra, Fresh Doe, Swerve Mitch, Doley Bernay, Mike Flow, and Euro League all emerge from the smoke, each equipped with their lyrical weapon of choice, flaunting and unloading verses in this action-packed track. This dark visual arouses the tenacious nature of this borough, visually emphasizing the flow and lyrics of each artist for your viewing pleasure.

Denzil Porter  Feat ( Nu Era, Fresh Doe, Swerve Mitch, from WreckHouse) Mike Flow  from T.M.B (Doley Bernays & Euroleaguee from Reelife)

“Jonas Bronck”
Produced By Claws

S/O To www.vaporsnyc.com


TeamBackPack | Devvon Terrell, Rugz D. Bewler, Denzil Porter, Spank | prod. Half Black

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FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/16m8rfj 

Devvon Terrell (https://twitter.com/DevvonTerrell)

Rugz D. Bewler (https://twitter.com/RugzDBewler)

Denzil Porter (https://twitter.com/DenzilPorter)

 Spank (https://twitter.com/SharkGanG_Spank)

HALFBLACK (https://twitter.com/LOVEHALFBLACK)